Rainwater Storage

Rain Reaper rainwater harvesting systems can be fitted into a range of tank sizes. 

Which size tank to choose is based on two key elements, the size of your collection area (usually your roof) and the amount of water you think you will use. 

  1. Collection area. Generally for rainwater harvesting water is collected from your roof, as this is cleaner than water collected from the ground. Calculations can be done based on your roof size and our typical rainfall to calculate the optimum tank size. There is no point installing a tank bigger than this as you will rarely fill the tank.
  2. Water required. Different lifestyles and activities require different amounts of rainwater. Some households will only use rainwater for toilet flushing and their washing machine, while other households will use rainwater everywhere except the kitchen, along with outside for washing cars and watering the garden. Farms or businesses may use a lot more water. The more water you use, the more water you will want to store.

At Delaney Concrete Ltd. our range of tanks starts at 2,000 litres and gets bigger from there. For large rainwater storage tanks we can link tanks together. Please call us to discuss your requirements.  

You can also view our “Rain Reaper” layout Diagram.

“Rain Reaper” Layout Diagram


Our “EN 206” Quality Certification


The picturs below show just some of the tanks in our Rain Reaper range.