Delaney Concrete Round Entrance Pier - Ornate



Good fences make good neighbours, cost effective, durable, and strong, our fencing is a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. These robust fence systems offer long-lasting security and privacy, with the added benefit of low maintenance.

Wall Caps and Pier Caps

Wall caps and pier caps not only add a finishing touch to your walls but also serve as protective shields against the elements. These caps enhance the visual appeal of your property but also extend the lifespan of your walls by preventing moisture intrusion and weathering.

Available in various shapes and sizes, wall caps and pier caps can be customized to complement your property’s style and design.


Kerbs are indispensable components in urban and landscaping projects that offer both form and function. These low-profile barriers provide delineation between roads, walkways, and green spaces.

Piers and Gate Posts

Entrance piers are the grand focal points that make a statement about your property’s identity. These stately structures mark the gateway to your home or business but also provide a sense of style.

Crafted from robust and enduring materials, they withstand the test of time, making them a worthwhile investment.


We use our on site laboratory to achieve the required level of performance, quality, and regulatory compliance.

All concrete produced by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified by NSAI to EN 206

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