Delaney Concrete Bio-Crete Sewage Treatment Plant

We are proud of what we do

Our concrete tank-based wastewater treatment plant is the product our company is most proud of. We have installed thousands of Bio-Crete tanks over a period of two decades and we have used this experience to carefully refine a really excellent product that outperforms in terms of effluent quality, robustness and reliability.

A Concrete Advantage

Concrete is our material of choice due do its exceptionally long life span. We engineer our concrete in such a way that we intend for our tank to outlive our customers. Long life products are the best genuine way to be sustainable, we use low carbon cement alternatives to achieve an overall very low impact.


We use our on site laboratory to achieve the required level of performance, quality, and regulatory compliance.

The Bio-Crete Wastewater Treatment system has been tested by PIA Aachen to EN 12566
All concrete produced by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified by NSAI to EN 206

How It Works

Wastewater from your toilets, baths, showers, sinks, dishwasher and washing machine all enter the 5 chamber Bio-Crete tank where it is then treated by bacteria to help produce a clean effluent.


Stage 1

When the effluent enters the tank a process of settlement takes place. The first (primary chamber) is similar to an ordinary septic tank where there is separation and storage of the solids, anaerobic bacteria break down waste and reduce BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).

Stage 2

Denitrification (the reduction of nitrates) takes place in a chamber called the Anoxic Zone; heterotrophic bacteria are located here which encourages this treatment.

Stage 3 & 4

3. The wastewater passes through media, a surface for aerobic bacteria that live on. Oxygen is provided to grow these bacteria through fine bubble diffusers as aerobic bacteria are very efficient at waste water treatment.

4. Bio-Crete as two separate chambers of media which allows our product to have a larger scale of aerobic bacteria culture and improved conversion of ammonia to nitrate in comparison to smaller plants.

Stage 5

Clarification zone – This final chamber allows any remaining sludge to settle and be siphoned off the chamber floor back to the first chamber. Depending on the frequency of use, this allows our tank to recirculate the same water through the tank multiple times before discharge to the percolation area.


Depending on the type and location of the percolation area you need, you will need either a pumped discharge or a gravity discharge. If you require a pressurised system (for example a sand polishing filter) you will require a pumped discharge. We can look at your planning permission to determine this.

Maintenance and Aftercare

If you become our customer, we will continue to offer support long after you have moved in. We have a team of experienced service technicians on the road and call outs are available as part of an annual service agreement or a one off call out. We are also available for advice at any time, including a helpful print guide called Caring for your Bio-Crete so you know how to maximise the effluent quality in your tank.

Tell us about your site

What you need to know for Installation

Our wastewater tanks are delivered by our trucks & cranes from our factory in Clonroche directly to your site. Our experienced lorry drivers are happy to help advise your digger driver to ensure your tank matches up with your pipework and is level in the excavation.

We are more than happy to talk you through the installation process over the phone.

We have over 35 Years Experience in Wastewater

We have been manufacturing wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks for over 35 years and we put that experience to practical use every day, in particular in how we have continued to refine and develop the Bio Crete treatment plant.

We have worked very hard on delivering a wastewater treatment solution that endures and truly treats wastewater efficiently. The Bio-Crete wastewater system is an investment in reliability that pays dividends in peace of mind.

Sustainability and Environment

Very few products have such a direct impact on the users own local environment, your own rivers, streams and drinking water may be directly affected by your own wastewater management. It is critically important to work to protect or improve the quality of what we have.

The concrete we use in the production of our tanks has been engineered to be long lasting and uses a low amount of carbon in its manufacture. Each year we strive for greater improvements in this area and the changes made have already prevented the release of thousands of tonnes of carbon.

Percolation Area Guide

Depending on the results of your soil test and site suitability report, a variety of different percolation types could be used. We can provide Coco filters, or 32mm pipe work for soil and sand polishing filters.

We are always on hand for advice and to talk your installer or digger driver through the process of installing your percolation area.

Upgrading your Septic Tank

There are many reasons to upgrade your existing septic tank, for example it may be allowing the flow of effluent into your ground water. County councils are increasingly stepping up their activity of inspections of septic tanks. They often find below standard water quality in streams and trace upstream to any potential source. They may also get called out to inspect one house in an area and inspect every house on that road.

As always, we will offer advice on upgrading and grants.

More Tank Products

Delaney Concrete also stock a range of accessories for use with septic tanks. These include distribution boxes, risers, and SaniTEE effluent filters.

Water Storage Tanks

We offer a multitude of different sizes of water storage tanks and rain water harvesting systems for domestic and commercial use.

Have a look at our full range and ask for a quote:

Expansive Market Reach of Delaney Concrete

Based in Clonroche, Co. Wexford, Delaney Concrete Ltd. prides itself on serving an extensive market area, reaching far beyond our local community to various parts of Ireland and even exporting select products to the UK. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has enabled us to deliver our products and services to a wide array of locations, ensuring accessibility to top-tier concrete and wastewater solutions, regardless of where you are. We have successfully partnered with clients in key Irish areas including Co. Kilkenny (Thomastown, Bennettsbridge, Ballyragget, Callan), Co. Waterford (Portlaw, Dungarvan, Tramore), and Co. Cork (Youghal, Midleton, Fermoy, Mallow). Our reach extends to Co. Tipperary, notably in Clonmel, Carrick-on-Suir, Cahir, Cashel, and Tipperary Town, and in Co. Carlow with a presence in Tullow and Carlow Town. As a Co. Wexford-based company, we have a strong footprint in Bunclody, New Ross, Gorey, Enniscorthy, and Wexford Town. Furthermore, our services have been availed in Co. Kildare (Athy, Newbridge, Naas) and Co. Wicklow (Baltinglass, Blessington, Arklow, Rathnew, Greystones), demonstrating our capability to cater to diverse needs across regions. In addition to our comprehensive coverage in Ireland, our commitment to expanding our reach sees us exporting certain products to the UK, bringing the best of Irish manufacturing to a broader international market. At Delaney Concrete, we believe in building strong connections across communities and borders, ensuring that all our clients, irrespective of their location, receive the best of our products and expertise.