Maintenance and Aftercare

Caring for your BioCrete

Your Bio-Crete Wastewater Treatment Unit uses live natural micro-organisms to break down and treat your household wastewater. These bacteria are sensitive to chemicals passing through your household and overuse of these chemicals will damage or even kill the bacteria and inhibit their ability to effectively treat your wastewater.

Treatment plants serving a few houses do not have the benefit of dilution that occurs at a large sewage works. A bottle of bleach tipped down the toilet in Dublin would be lost in the millions of gallons of sewage arriving at the city’s treatment works; the same bottle of bleach in a treatment plant serving a single house could be a lethal dose.


Maintenance Contracts

Ongoing Maintenance Contracts are the best way to ensure your wastewater treatment system is working the way it should be. Maintenance Contracts include a full annual service on your system, along with call outs (if required). Maintenance Contracts are often a condition of planning permission, so you may need a maintenance contract if you are selling your house or if you are applying for planning permission for an extension.

We service Bio-Crete Treatment plants only.

Call Outs

If you have a pump breakdown or a red light on your control box, but no maintenance contract, don’t worry. We also have a call-out option, where one of our experienced repairs team will call out and get you back up & running as fast as possible.

Cleaning products

Use low or zero phosphate detergents for your washing machine and dishwasher. Soap substances (washing powders, liquids and tablets) can cause problems in your Bio-Crete wastewater treatment system if used in excess. If you are washing unusual amounts of clothes it would be a good idea to spread it over a few days.

Floor cleaners, disinfectants and bleaches are safe to use in the minimum necessary concentration. Do not pour neat disinfectant or bleach down the sink or outside gullies. Disinfectants, bleaches and bottle sterilizing fluids must be well diluted before disposing of them. The easiness way of doing this is to flush it away down the toilet.


We know a bit about pumps and there is no more challenging environment than dealing with sewage. We try our best to only stock reliable pumps. Sometimes, if you pump is going quickly it’s worth having your tank serviced as there may be other issues that are causing your pump to work under a greater load.


There are some additional items you may find useful.

These Items Should NEVER Enter your Bio-Crete System!!

  • Cooking oils, fats and greases
  • Motor oils and greases, anti-freeze & break fluid
  • Gardening chemicals, insecticides and pesticides
  • Paints, white spirits, thinners, turpentine, creosote and other solvents
  • Face wipes & baby wipes, nappies, rags, sanitary towels and tampons
  • Sink Waste Disposal Units (will bring rats to your tank)

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