Delaney Concrete supply a wide range of precast concrete products suitable for all types of farms.

Our Precast Concrete Drinking Troughs are very popular with all livestock farmers, particularly dairy farmers.

Delaney Concrete Precast Tanks can be used for many jobs on farms including run off collection & storage, rainwater harvesting, farm waste storage, clean water storage, etc.

We also stock a range of other items that are popular with farmers including feed troughs, fencing, gate posts, fuel safes, chemical stores and much more.

All our concrete products are made using self-compacting concrete certified to EN206-1, so you can be sure you’re buying a high quality long lasting product.

Concrete water Drinking Trough Troughs Drinkers

Post & Rail Fence Murntown

BioBarrier Tank

30 Gallon Drinking Trough Water Trough Drinker Sheep Trough30 Gallon Water trough concrete trough drinker sheep trough

Feed Block

Country Gate Post