Thoughtful Design

Every aspect of the design of our troughs has been given careful consideration.


The larger troughs across our range are equipped with legs as standard, allowing easy movement of the troughs.


All our troughs have fixed top-fill ballcock mountings, which are sealed off and cannot be lifted by cattle.


Our troughs have a protected section to prevent cattle from pulling at the water pipe.


All our troughs have an easy-to-access ballcock section including a stainless steel bracket, allowing convenient access for maintenance.

Ball Valve - Brass 3/4 (Trough)


From the 120 gallon size upwards, all troughs are the required height to meet the Department of Agriculture guidelines for TB prevention.

Trough sizes


We use our on site laboratory to achieve the required level of performance, quality, and regulatory compliance.

All concrete produced by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified by NSAI to EN 206

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