Safeguarding Groundwater: Advanced Wastewater Solutions by Delaney Concrete

A range of waste water treatment solutions

At Delaney Concrete Ltd, we understand the unique challenges each site presents in wastewater management. Our expertise in offering tailored solutions ranges from single-home septic tanks (starting from €792.95 +VAT) to advanced wastewater treatment systems for larger group schemes. We’re committed to providing personalised advice, site suitability assessments, and on-site consultations to ensure the best outcomes for your home.

Long-Term Customer Support

Choosing Delaney Concrete means ongoing support well beyond installation. Our experienced service technicians are available for annual service agreements or one-off call-outs. We also offer valuable resources like our ‘Caring for your Bio-Crete’ guide, ensuring you maximize the quality of your effluent treatment.

Regular visits from our team allow us to assess and fine-tune your system’s performance. We check the sludge return functionality, digestion quality, and desludging requirements. We work to ensure that your system achieves the necessary performance levels, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Tell us about your site

The Bio-Crete system is a popular choice among homeowners, architects, and builders. The starting price is €3,348.02 +VAT.  It’s a simple, quick-to-install concrete tank that offers reliable and environmentally sustainable groundwater protection. Certified by PIA in Aachen, Germany to EN 12566, Bio-Crete is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.


Septic tanks generally are a very cost effective and low maintenance way to treat domestic wastewater if you have the right soil and underground conditions. Prices start from €792.95 +VAT. If your site layout is such that you can get a gravity flow to and from the tank you will eliminate the need for more expensive infrastructure, such as connecting to main sewer lines, pumps or treatment plants.

Septic Tanks

Our standard Septic Tank, designed for up to 8 people, is an effective, low-maintenance solution for domestic wastewater treatment, especially in areas with suitable soil and underground conditions. Certified to EN12566-1, our septic tanks are ideal for sites with good natural percolation rates. Manufactured in our Clonroche factory, these tanks use self-compacting concrete certified to I.S. EN 206-1:2002.


We use our on site laboratory to achieve the required level of performance, quality, and regulatory compliance.

The Bio-Crete Wastewater Treatment system has been tested by PIA Aachen to EN 12566
Our Septic Tanks have been tested by PIA Aachen to EN 12566
All concrete produced by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified by NSAI to EN 206

Environmental Benefits

Delaney Concrete is dedicated to environmental stewardship. Our on-site laboratory ensures that our systems achieve necessary performance levels, quality, and compliance with regulatory standards. We align our practices with the EPA’s guidelines for wastewater treatment, ensuring our systems contribute to the protection of Ireland’s precious water resources. Discover more about the EPA’s initiatives in urban wastewater treatment in their 2022 report.

Upgrading your Septic Tank

There are many reasons to upgrade your existing septic tank for example it may be allowing the flow of effluent into your ground water. County councils are increasingly stepping up their activity in inspections of septic tanks. They often find below standard water quality in streams and trace upstream to any potential source. They may also get called out to inspect one house in an area and inspect every house on that road.

As always, we will offer advice on upgrading and grants.

How water treatment works

The aim of both septic tanks and treatment plants is to get your effluent to the required level before it reaches ground water. Septic tanks and the primary chamber of treatment plants facilitate the natural process of wastewater treatment by separating solid waste from liquids, allowing bacteria and other microorganisms to break down and decompose the organic matter. Treatment plants have additional stages of waste treatment, in particular, growing cultures of aerobic bacteria which are highly efficient at effluent digestion.


After being treated, the liquid portion of your wastewater will leave your tank and pass through your percolation area. There it will receive further treatment in the soil using naturally occurring bacteria before eventually reaching ground water.

What you need to know for Installation

Our wastewater tanks are delivered by our trucks & cranes from our factory in Clonroche directly to your site. Our experienced lorry drivers are happy to help advise your digger driver to ensure your tank matches up with your pipework and is level in the excavation.

We are more than happy to talk you through the installation process over the phone.

Percolation Area Guide

Depending on the results of your soil test and site suitability report, a variety of different percolation types could be used. We can provide Coco filters, or 32mm pipe work for soil and sand polishing filters.

We are always on hand for advice and to talk your installer or digger driver through the process.

More tank products

Delaney Concrete also stock a range of accessories for use with septic tanks. These include distribution boxes, risers, and SaniTEE effluent filters.


Water Storage tanks

We offer a multitude of different sizes of water storage tanks and rain water harvesting systems for domestic and commercial use.

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Expansive Market Reach of Delaney Concrete

Based in Clonroche, Co. Wexford, Delaney Concrete Ltd. prides itself on serving an extensive market area, reaching far beyond our local community to various parts of Ireland and even exporting select products to the UK. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has enabled us to deliver our products and services to a wide array of locations, ensuring accessibility to top-tier concrete and wastewater solutions, regardless of where you are. We have successfully partnered with clients in key Irish areas including Co. Kilkenny (Thomastown, Bennettsbridge, Ballyragget, Callan), Co. Waterford (Portlaw, Dungarvan, Tramore), and Co. Cork (Youghal, Midleton, Fermoy, Mallow). Our reach extends to Co. Tipperary, notably in Clonmel, Carrick-on-Suir, Cahir, Cashel, and Tipperary Town, and in Co. Carlow with a presence in Tullow and Carlow Town. As a Co. Wexford-based company, we have a strong footprint in Bunclody, New Ross, Gorey, Enniscorthy, and Wexford Town. Furthermore, our services have been availed in Co. Kildare (Athy, Newbridge, Naas) and Co. Wicklow (Baltinglass, Blessington, Arklow, Rathnew, Greystones), demonstrating our capability to cater to diverse needs across regions. In addition to our comprehensive coverage in Ireland, our commitment to expanding our reach sees us exporting certain products to the UK, bringing the best of Irish manufacturing to a broader international market. At Delaney Concrete, we believe in building strong connections across communities and borders, ensuring that all our clients, irrespective of their location, receive the best of our products and expertise.