13650 Litre Tank


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Delaney Concrete introduces the Tank – 13650 Litre. This massive water storage tank is an ideal solution for extensive water storage requirements in both residential and commercial settings. Designed for durability and efficiency and is perfect for large-scale rainwater harvesting, irrigation, or as part of a comprehensive wastewater treatment system. Key Features:
  • Immense Storage Capacity: With a 13650-litre volume, this tank is exceptionally suited for storing significant amounts of water, making it perfect for large properties, agricultural use, or commercial applications.
  • Robust Construction: Built from high-quality materials, the tank is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for rainwater harvesting, irrigation, or integration into wastewater systems, this tank offers flexibility in use.
  • Easy Installation: The tank’s design facilitates straightforward installation, making it a practical choice for different settings.
  • Cost-Effective Water Management: Competitively priced, the 13650 Litre Tank is an affordable solution for efficient water storage and management.
Why Choose Delaney Concrete’s 13650 Litre Tank?
  • Quality Assurance: Delaney Concrete is renowned for its high-quality water management solutions, and this tank is a testament to our commitment to excellence.
  • Enhanced Water Storage: This tank plays a crucial role in effective water management, whether for conservation, treatment, or other purposes.
  • Expert Support: Our team at Delaney Concrete is always available to assist with any queries or support needs regarding the installation and use of this tank.
Enhance your water management system with Delaney Concrete’s Tank – 13650 Litre.



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