Trough – 300 Gallon


Exc. VAT: 300.81
Inc. VAT: 370.00

Trough – 300 Gallon ( Ballcocks are sold separately) The Delaney Concrete water trough is a robust, durable structure typically used for providing water to livestock such as cattle, horses, or sheep. It is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and frequent use.


Length 2490mm (8ft 3″) Width 1240mm (4ft 1″) Height 96mm (2ft 8″)

Why buy a Delaney Concrete Trough 300 Gallon:

1.The  Trough – 300 Gallon, is one of our larger troughs across the range. In addition to the durable structure our troughs are equipped with legs with a space underneath for lifting forks therefore allowing for easy movement. 2. All our troughs have fixed top-fill ballcock mountings which are covered, making it difficult to be lifted by cattle. 3.Our troughs have a covered protected section to prevent cattle from pulling or walking on the water pipe. 4. The troughs have an easy-to-access ballcock section including a stainless steel bracket, therefore allowing convenient access for maintenance. 5.From the 120 Gallon size upwards, the troughs meet the height requirement for the Department of Agriculture guidelines for TB prevention. 6. The troughs have a flat bottom floor with a side drain hole for fast & easy emptying & cleaning. A rubber stopper is supplied. Delaney Concrete troughs are highly durable and resistant to damage from environmental factors such as sunlight, extreme temperatures, and physical impact, and therefore they require minimal maintenance compared to other materials. Check out our complete range of troughs.

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