Trough – 120 Gallon


Exc. VAT: 162.60
Inc. VAT: 200.00

Trough – 120 Gallon ( Ballcock sold seperately) 1 For the larger troughs across our range, the troughs are equipped with legs that allow you to easily move the troughs as needed. 2 All our troughs have fixed top-fill ballcock mountings, which are sealed off and cannot be lifted by cattle. 3 Our troughs have a protected section to prevent cattle from pulling at the water pipe. 4 All our troughs have an easy-to-access ballcock section including a stainless steel bracket, allowing convenient access for maintenance. 5 From the 120 Gallon size upwards, all troughs are the required height to meet the department of agriculture guidelines for TB prevention. 6 These troughs are emptied from the bottom with the stopper included.

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