Manufacturing Process & Quality Control

At Delaney Concrete Ltd. we make all our products using self-compacting concrete. Self-compacting concrete (SCC) has the ability to flow under its own weight when it is fresh and produces a dense concrete with a high quality finish without the need for compaction or vibration.

Each year Delaney Concrete is audited by NSAI as part of EN206 regulations. This audit is a full audit of our quality control processes, ensuring we maintain our standards and improve where we can. CE marking is available for products where EN standards exist.

The concrete we produce here at Delaney Concrete has a characteristic strength of 49N. As a precast concrete specialist 7 day strength tests are also very important. Self-compacting concrete hardens rapidly, so using this technology gives us a minimum strength of 40N after 7 days. This allows our customers to avail of a high quality product with fast production times.

At Delaney Concrete Ltd. we have a strict quality control protocol. All raw materials are sourced from certified suppliers and raw materials are sampled before use. Delaney Concrete operates an internal quality control laboratory where raw materials are analysed, and concrete cubes are cured and crushed. Our concrete batching plant provides us with a detailed print out of each mix, for full traceability.

Every product is examined by our trained and experienced staff as it is emptied from its mould, and again before it is loaded for transport to ensure that our customers receive the quality products they have come to expect from Delaney Concrete.

Visitors are welcome to the Delaney Concrete factory to review our products and systems at any time. If you have any questions about strengths or quality control at Delaney Concrete, please contact us.