SaniTEE Filters

SaniTEE self-cleaning wastewater effluent filters are designed to reduce suspended solids discharged in septic tank effluent by promoting natural sedimentation and excluding gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe. Additionally SaniTEE’s patented keyhole weirs help to attenuate surge flows, delivering a more consistent flow for further treatment or dispersal. These features help extent the lives of percolation areas and allow flexibility in choosing different types of effluent pumps.

  • Self Cleaning: The smooth exterior surface of the SaniTEE promotes deflection of solids back into the tank. any solids that become trapped in the angled slots can be easily displaced with a simple swab of the screen. 
  • Keyhole Wiers: Surge flows are common in normal residential applications due to simultaneous discharge from many fixtures in the home. The patented keyhole wiers provide flow attenuation to dampen surge flows that otherwise may scour solids out of the tank with the effluent.
  • Angled Slots: Angled slots are used because they resist clogging better than mesh type screens. The slot width does not allow solids to be discharged. Most solids suspended in a tank fload horizontally, therefore the angled orientation of the slots is most likely to block the entrace of most solids.
  • Gas-lifted Solids Deflection: Solids are lifted by various gasses present in septic tanks. These gas-lifted solids often rise into the end of the outlet tee and are discharged with the effluent. When a SaniTEE is utilised, flow must enter from the side, not the bottom, so the escape of gas lifted solids is virtually eliminated.

SaniTEE screens can be fitted into new or older septic tanks, and are ideal for use with single chamber septic tankswhere solids to not get a chance to settle out.

SaniTEE’s are available from Delaney Concrete, and can be posted to anywhere in Ireland. Call us today for advice and prices.