Repairs & Maintenance

All wastewater treatment plants, including Bio-Crete systems, need routine maintenance to ensure they are in optimum working condition. Occasionally they also need repairs. Delaney Concrete Ltd. and Bio-Crete have a reliable, knowledgeable and friendly team on hand to carry out these jobs. Call us today for a quote.

Maintenance Contracts

Ongoing Maintenance Contracts are the best way to ensure your wastewater treatment system is working the way it should be. Maintenance Contracts include a full annual service on your system, along with call outs (if required). Maintenance Contracts are often a condition of planning permission, so you may need a maintenance contract if you are selling your house or if you are applying for planning permission for an extension.

Call Outs & Repairs

If you have a pump breakdown or a red light on your control box, but no maintenance contract, don’t worry. We also have a Call Out option, where one of our experienced repairs team will call out and get you back up & running as fast as possible.

Pumps & Replacement Parts

Sometimes, you might just feel like doing a bit of DIY on your wastewater treatment system. We stock a full range of air pumps, sump pumps, filters, fittings & connections for Bio-Crete and other types of wastewater treatment systems.

Don’t have a Bio-Crete but want to use our great Maintenance Crew?

Phone us for a quote! If we have the parts (& we stock a lot of parts!!!) We’ll be happy to help you out & get you back up and running as soon as possible.