Bio-Crete has become the brand name of choice for wastewater treatment for thousands of Builders and Homeowners in Ireland.

The Bio-Crete system is a robust and reliable wastewater treatment system householders can rely on, and our after sales service is known for being friendly, helpful and reliable.


How it works:
Wastewater from your house, including toilets, baths, showers, bathroom and kitchen sinks, dishwashers and washing machines all flows into your Bio-Crete wastewater treatment system where it is treated and cleaned by bacteria to produce a clean effluent.

1. Septic Settlement and Sludge Storage. This is where treatment begins. Settlement takes place and anaerobic bacteria begin to breakdown waste and reduce the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)

2. Active Biological Aeration Zone. Oxygen is provided to aerobic bacteria to treat residual solids and further reduce BOD. Oxygen is fed to sections 2 and 3 using fine bubble diffusers

3. Further Active Biological Aeration Zone More aeration which effects nitrification and the conversion of ammonia to nitrate

4. Clarification Zone Sludge is allowed to settle out and clear liquid is discharged. Settled activated sludge is re-circulated by air lift to the primary chamber.

5. Anoxic Zone. This is designed to encourage denitrification by heterotrophic bacteria.

The Bio-Crete Wastewater Treatment system is certified by the Irish Agrement Board. Click here to see our Certification.

The Bio-Crete Wastewater Treatment system has been tested by PIA Aachen to EN 12566. Click here to see our Certification.

All concrete produced by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified by NSAI to EN 206. Click here to see our Certification.