Septic Tank Upgrade

Why to upgrade

  • Selling your home
  • Concerns about pollution
  • A home extension
  • Septic tank is no longer working
  • County council or EPA inspection

Percolation Test

If you are selling your home, applying for planning permission for an extension or have been inspected as part of our pollution inspection, you will need to engage an architect or engineer to carry a percolation test and provide you with drawings for upgrading your septic tank. 


Like a new build, you will need to hire a digger and driver to lay the pipes to and from the tank, excavate for your new tank, and construct your new percolation area or polishing filter. If you want to preserve your garden as much as possible it is important to hire an experienced digger driver who will be sensitive to your requirements. We will work with your digger driver to ensure the tank is correctly installed & matching up with your pipework. We will also commission the pumps in your tank as soon as possible. Your architect or engineer will sign off on the overall project and provide you with the paperwork you need.  

If you are upgrading your septic tank because your existing tank is no longer working, then it is useful to try and pinpoint the exact problem that your current septic tank has. Sometimes what initially is thought to be a problem with a septic tank turns out to be a percolation area problem. Here at Delaney Concrete, we can advise you what to look for when examining your septic tank to help you get to the core of your actual problem and advise you how to proceed to improve your situation and solve your wastewater issues.


Bio-Crete wastewater treatment system is the product of choice for thousands of homeowners, architects, soil testers, builders and installers. It is a concrete tank that is installed simply and quickly. It is a reliable and environmentally sustainable way to protect your local ground water. The Bio-Crete wastewater treatment system has been tested and certified by PIA in Aachen, Germany to EN 12566.

Pollution prevention

If you have become aware that your septic tank is a source of pollution, either through a pollution inspection or through your own investigations and self-awareness, a solution can be found through upgrading your septic tank and constructing an appropriate percolation area or soil polishing filter. We can advise you on the most appropriate steps to take in this situation.  

Advantages to Upgrading

  • The effluent from a Bio-Crete wastewater treatment plant is much cleaner than the effluent from a traditional septic tank. The effluent looks clear (even though it contains bacteria), rather than the black-brown effluent that septic tanks produce. The cleaner your effluent is the easier it is to get that effluent to soak through the soil for final disposal.  
  • Wastewater treatment systems like our Bio-Crete system will have smaller percolation areas or soil polishing filters than a traditional septic tank, freeing up valuable garden space.  
  • If you are selling your house the buyers will often look for an up-to-date system with a long lifespan.  
  • A fully functional wastewater treatment system provides peace of mind. Knowing that you have access to our experienced maintenance team in the event of any issues will allow you to relax and enjoy your home and garden without any worries about an old, malfunctioning septic tank.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks generally are a very cost effective and low maintenance way to treat domestic wastewater if you have the right soil and underground conditions. If your site layout is such that you can get a gravity flow to and from the tank you will eliminate the need for more expensive infrastructure, such as connecting to main sewer lines, pumps or treatment plants.

The standard Delaney Concrete Septic Tank is designed for up to 8 people. We manufacturer much larger tanks if required, usually for very large systems treatment plants are required. We manufacture all our septic tanks in our factory in Clonroche, Co. Wexford.


We use our on site laboratory to achieve the required level of performance, quality, and regulatory compliance.

The Bio-Crete Wastewater Treatment system has been tested by PIA Aachen to EN 12566
Our Septic Tanks have been tested by PIA Aachen to EN 12566
All concrete produced by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified by NSAI to EN 206

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