King and Queen art installation – Delgany Wicklow

  • Location: Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland
  • Project Type: Artistic and Sculptural Installation
  • Completion Date: [Insert Date]
  • Project Scope: Designing, manufacturing, and installing large-scale concrete chess pieces – King and Queen.

Design and Execution

  • Artistic Vision: The project was conceived with the aim of creating a bold and imaginative focal point within the private residence’s landscape.
  • Custom Manufacturing: Each piece was custom-designed and manufactured by Delaney Concrete Ltd, showcasing our ability to handle unique and challenging artistic projects.
  • Innovative Techniques: The project involved advanced sculpting and concrete casting techniques to achieve the intricate details and grand scale of the chess pieces.

Installation and Impact

  • Striking Presence: The installation of the King and Queen chess pieces has transformed the landscape of the residence, adding a touch of grandeur and artistic flair.
  • Engineering Marvel: The sheer size and detail of the pieces demonstrate Delaney Concrete Ltd’s expertise in engineering and artistic concrete manufacturing.

Project Significance

This installation is a testament to our versatility and creativity in the field of concrete design and manufacturing. It highlights our commitment to bringing artistic visions to life, pushing the boundaries of conventional concrete applications.

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