Tank – Distribution Box Levellers

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Roto-Flow enables equal distribution of the water in your Distribution Box so that the flow of water is the same down each outlet pipe or stone trench. Suitable to insert in a 110mm pipe. The Roto-Flow gives you the low cost solution to your Distribution Box flow regulating problems. Essential for both residential and commercial applications, the Tank Distribution Box Levellers are a key component in maintaining the efficiency of your wastewater management. The simple Roto-Flow for Distribution Box outlet pipes gives you the easiest “set & forget” flow regulator available. The Roto-Flow fits both Schedule 40, SDR 35 and thin wall pipe sizes. Simply place the Roto-Flow into the Distribution Box outlet pipe, and adjust to equalize flow.
  • The Roto-Flow is made from HDPE; it is designed to stand up in the septic environment without failing
  • Our Roto-Flow design insures a good fit in all pipe sizes
  • The Roto-Flow is made to fit pipes without collapsing or creating a loose fit. This will guarantee equal flow performance

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