Flue Gathering Unit

Exc. VAT: 38.98
Inc. VAT: 47.95

Delaney Concrete Ltd introduces the Flue Gathering Unit, a vital component for any chimney system. This unit is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of your chimney’s flue system.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from superior precast concrete, our Flue Gathering Unit is built to last. It withstands high temperatures and harsh conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Optimal Size: With precise dimensions, it is suitable for a wide range of chimney sizes, providing a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
  • Enhanced Performance: The unit is designed to effectively gather smoke and gases, improving the draft and efficiency of your chimney flue.
  • Easy Installation: Engineered for straightforward installation, this unit can be seamlessly integrated into new constructions or existing chimney systems.
  • Safety Focused: By optimizing the flue function, it contributes to a safer chimney operation, reducing the risk of backdrafts and other hazards.
Ideal for:
  • Homeowners looking to improve their chimney’s efficiency and safety.
  • Builders and contractors seeking reliable, high-quality flue solutions for their construction projects.
  • Renovation projects where enhancing chimney performance is a key consideration.
Why Choose Our Flue Gathering Unit?
  • Durability: Resistant to high temperatures and environmental stress.
  • Improved Chimney Efficiency: Enhances smoke and gas evacuation, improving overall chimney function.
  • Safety Enhancement: Reduces the risk of chimney-related hazards.

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