Distribution Box Levellers


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Product Description

To ensure that your Distribution box is Level, Simply adjust each D-Box Leveller so the flow is equally distributed. There’s no need to dig up and re-level tilted distributions boxes, you can do the job in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

Distribution Box Levellers can be inserted into the pipes in your distribution box to ensure even flow between the pipes in your distribution box. They slot into 4” percolation pipes and are hand adjustable to admit effluent at the precise level you need.
These levellers suit both concrete and plastic distribution boxes and can be installed at time of installation or retro-fitted into older distribution boxes as the ideal solution to fix distribution boxes which are no longer level without having to dig out the box.
These Distribution Box Levelers are manufactured from chemical resistant polyethylene for a long service life.

– no extra delivery charge for multiple units. No delivery charge if purchased in conjunction with plastic distribution box.