Septic Tanks

Traditional Septic Tanks are a common wastewater solution in Ireland. Septic Tanks are still suitable to use where the correct soil and underground conditions exist.

Septic tanks are split into two chambers. The chambers are divided by a baffle wall. Solids are retained in the first chamber, and liquids then pass through the baffle into the second chamber and on to the percolation area. With septic tanks the majority of wastewater treatment takes place in the percolation area, and it is important that percolation areas are constructed properly. You can read more about how septic tanks work here.

Our Precast Concrete Septic Tank is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We also stock Graf plastic septic tanks, which are ideal for smaller sites where a lorry and crane might not have access to install a concrete septic tank.

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At Delaney Concrete Ltd. we are happy help you with any queries you have in relation to septic tanks and percolation areas. We can also help you out when it comes to upgrading your old septic tank. If you are concerned about upcoming septic tank inspections in relation to the new septic tank regulations we can advise you on your best course of action. Talk to us today and we will provide a range of options to suit your site & budget.

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Septic Tanks sold by Delaney Concrete are certified by PIA Aachen to EN12566-1.