Wall Caps & Pier Caps

 Delaney Concrete Ltd. has a wide range and choice of wall caps and pier caps, in different sizes and styles. No matter what your budget is, we have wall caps and pier caps to suit your home and your gates.

We also have larger wall caps and pier caps for commercial entrances.

Customers are welcome to visit our factory in Clonroche and view our selection.

Wall Caps & Pier Caps with Railing

Saddle Back Wall Caps and Pier Caps with Railing

Stone Pier with Heavy Cap

Stone Pier with Heavy Pier Cap

Wilton Pier Cap and Ball (painted)

Pier Cap with Concrete Ball

Saddleback wall caps (460mm wide) on a stone wall

Saddleback wall caps (460mm wide) on a stone wall

FEdge cropped for web

Feather Edge Wall Caps which slope in one direction

Round Pier Cops

Large Pier Cap

Howard Flat Top Pier Cap 980mm


Security Wall Caps

Security Caps Bridgetown WebSecurity Caps Bellfield web

Security Wall Caps are triangular in shape and are designed so that they can’t be climbed, walked on, or sat on. They allow you to build a clean and friendly looking wall without worrying about looking caged in. The also eliminate the health and safety issues that occur with other types of security walls (e.g. barbed wire or broken glass topped walls). These are ideal in areas where security, loitering or anti-social behavior is a problem.