Fuel Safe

Here at Delaney Concrete Ltd. we were growing concerned about the rise in fuel theft. Diesel, agricultural diesel and heating oil are stolen regularly from unprotected fuel tanks. 

A local school approached us to do something about their ongoing heating oil theft problem. The school’s heating oil was being stolen at the weekend when the school was unattended. Delaney Concrete designed a secure concrete safe for their oil tank. The existing tank was lifted off its block base and placed inside our Fuel Safe Tank and then reconnected to the building. The installation took just over an hour and since the Fuel Safe was installed there has been no fuel stolen from the school. 

This project was such as success we decided to make the Fuel Safe available to anyone with a similar fuel theft problem. The fuel protection units are cast from self-compacting concrete with 100mm (4 inch) thick walls. The door is 6mm high strength steel and is locked using a single stainless steel shackle lock which is covered to the lock cannot be cut. Only the keyholder can open the lock. 

The standard Fuel Safe is sized to take any fuel tank up to 2,500 litre size. We have installed Fuel Safe units in churches, schools, homes, businesses and farms. They are suitable in almost any situation where diesel or heating oil tanks are accessible and vulnerable to theft. 

The Fuel Safe is designed in such a way that it acts as a bund in the event of a leak. This allows industrial, commercial and agricultural premises meet their environmental obligations. It also gives peace of mind to householders who may have concerns about their tanks. The fuel safe keeps your plastic tank in the dark, limiting any UV damage to the plastic tank. 

Delaney Concrete can also fit your fuel tank with fuel pumps, meters and filters, along with other optional extras to make your fuel safer. We can also replace your existing plastic fuel tank if it has been damaged. Phone us or fill in the quick contact section on the left today and we can discuss the most suitable option for you. 

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