Farm Effluent Tanks

Here at Delaney Concrete Ltd. we stock a complete range of concrete tanks, all of which are suitable to use as farm effluent tanks.

Whether you need a small tank to store some wash down or a large tank to store run-off we have something to suit. Concrete Tanks at Delaney Concrete range in size from 2,000 litres (440 Gallons) to 15,500 litres (3500 Gallons), with many shapes and sizes in between.

All concrete manufactured by Delaney Concrete Ltd. is certified to ISEN206.

Phone us today for a quote, or call to the factory to see the tanks for yourself.

3000 Gallon 12650 litre Tank

 Retention Tank


3500 Gallon Tank

900 litre 2000 Gallon Tank