Drinking Troughs

 Delaney Concrete Precast Concrete Drinking Troughs (or Drinkers if you’d prefer!) are available all year round and are suitable for all types of livestock farmers, from smallholdings to large beef and dairy farms.

These Concrete Troughs are packed full of handy features to make your life on the farm easy, and to keep your animals happy.

  • Spaces underneath for forks to easily lift. troughs
  • Flat bottom floor & side drain holes for fast emptying from the outside
  • Stailess steel bracket to suit any ball valve including fast flow valves
  • Larger troughs are 32″ high to meet TB prevention guidelines
  • Fittings are easy to access at the top of the trough, fittings keep free from slime
  • Pipe connects to fittings inside the trough and all fittings are covered. Cattle can’t pull or break the pipe or fittings
  • Room for lever shut off valve to turn each individual trough on/off as required

Group of Troughs Concrete Troughs Drinkers Water Troughs

Delaney Concrete Troughs are manufactured using self compacting concrete certified to IS EN 206-1:2002.

Troughs can be purchased directly from our factory in Clonroche.

We are also looking for wholesalers across Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond to supply Delaney Concrete Troughs to local farmers.

520 Gallon Water Trough Concrete Drinker Dairy Trough


300 Gallon Trough

120 Gallon Trough

30 Gallon Trough Drinker water trough concrete trough sheep trough

Tough with Fittings

Bulk Troughs to Clare